If you have ever tried getting started with internet marketing as an online business, you’ve probably read tons of guides, free and paid alike, telling you that you can start for free, but half way through, or by the end of whatever it is that you’re reading, and then story the flips. You’re now being told that you have to buy something else, whether that be a website, hosting, traffic, etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that in order to successfully succeed with internet marketing or any online business, you will eventually need to buy, at minimum, a website and hosting. You can buy traffic depending on your needs, but I’ve personally never bought traffic and prefer free methods that work just as well as paid, sometimes they work even better, but that’s just my opinion. https://techtipsvideos.com/

On that note, I’m going to disclose 3 things, and the only 3 things that I strongly believe you need to get started with internet marketing free, yes completely free. Now I recommend after you have made a profit, which even one cent will be a profit, since the setup I’m going to tell you about is completely free. You might not be able to buy a domain for 1cent, but you can for sure buy 30 days of hosting for that price at Hostgator, they tend to always run a 1 cent special using a coupon, anyway now for the setup.

The Only 3 Things Necessary To Start Internet Marketing

Free WordPress.com blog (or you can use blogger, but I find their layouts and site in general too outdated for my taste)
Free Squidoo.com account(s) (you can create multiple pages, or what Squidoo refers to as lenses, as well as have separate accounts if you choose)
Free Amazon Associates account (Amazon’s affiliate program)
That’s going to be it, seriously, that is all you need to get started. You may not know the full methods for how to make it work, but you should be able to get some ideas from this alone to get you started with internet marketing for free; for anyone struggling to make any money or not sure how to get started with internet marketing free using these free resources I’ve developed a step by step system to teach the methods mentioned in detail.


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